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April 22, 2021

Superpowers Of 2050

Which countries will dominate the world by the year 2050? Let us have a look at the possibilities.

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No 10 - Germany

By 2050 Germany will be the only European country included in the 10 strongest world powers. This is because European countries report low growth and this trend is expected to continue as well as a decrease of an already extremely low fertility rate the European population is currently shrinking. Of the 80 million Germans in 2020 by 2050 there will be less than 70 million, including the 1 million refugees that Germany will have received by then. Europe will become a less economically powerful continent with less influence in the world with its only representative being Germany. The massive migration of Africans to Europe and Muslim immigrants is what will increase the European population which essentially means that by then Europe and Germany especially will be much more ethnically diverse

No 9 - Nigeria

For the first time, an African country will surpass a European power in terms of economics. By 2050 Nigeria will be the undisputed power of Africa with more than double its current population, as it will have 400 million inhabitants making it the fourth most populous country in the world just after the United States. Nigeria is already the largest economy in Africa but by 2050 it will be among the 10 world powers. This will truly be an amazing leap showing that Africa will be a continent of emerging powers. Nigeria is currently an extremely young country with an average age of Nigerians being 17 years old in comparison, the average age of Latin America is 25 and in Europe it's 45. Currently it is the richest country in terms of production but the country suffers from higher rates of poverty. The country's oil resources give them an economic boost and they are even the world's 12th largest producer of oil surpassing countries like Mexico.

No 8 - Russia

Russia was never the same after the collapse of the Soviet Union, yet in 2050 it will be one of the 10 strongest world powers though not at the level of a superpower as previously expected. Russia currently has problems in growing its population. it is estimated that the Russian population will be reduced by more than 30 million by the middle of the 21st century. By then China will have surpassed Russia militarily, so Russia will no longer be a direct opponent of the United States.Russia by then will have exhausted its vast oil Reserves. Russia's importance will no longer be significant. Russia currently has strategic geopolitical importance because of its military power and because of its oil and gas reserves, which will provide energy and heat Europe in the winter. But by 2050 there will surely be new forms of alternative and renewable energy that will have replaced oil and fossil fuels by making mankind lesser dependant on petroleum products.

No 7 - Japan

This Asian country has managed to continue imposing itself among the most powerful countries in the world, but not to the same extent as before when it was the third superpower in the world. The reduction of their population in addition to decades of stagnation, recession and little economic growth, all will take its toll on Japan's economy. Japan will continue to be a highly developed and industrialized nation but it will not have the same influence as it does now. Of the 125 million inhabitants Japan will have less than 100 million by then, a terrible figure for an economy as competitive as the Japanese. At this point a significant portion of their working population will be over 65 which is dangerous since there won't be enough people in the Japanese labor market. This will also exert pressure on young people who will be a minority of society just like their society before the industrialization. But in spite of that Japan will maintain its strong and dynamic economy and they will at least remain within the top ten most powerful nations on earth.

No 6 - Brazil

The current strongest power of Latin America is Brazil and it will also be one of the most industrialized and powerful countries in the world by the middle of the 21st century with a considerable population increase which is estimated to jump from 200- 225 million. By 2050 this population growth will help to boost and push the Brazilian economy taking advantage of the fact that the majority of the Brazilian population is relatively young with an average age of 27 years. For its immense territory, the population and economy are not a match. Brazil's involvement in world affairs will give them more power in regards to matters concerning the entire continent of South America. Some years ago it was predicted that by 2050 Brazil would establish itself as a fourth world power but its economic and political crises have led the country into a recession that by some estimates it will last a few more years. By 2012 Brazil had already surpassed the United Kingdom and was the sixth world power but its crisis had relegated Brazil to the current ninth position.

No 5 - Mexico

Mexico by 2050 Mexico will be the most powerful country in Latin America its economy will be among the most dynamic, industrialized, and prosperous one on the Planet. The explosive growth of its population will be more than 160 million. Mexico currently has the fastest population growth in Latin America adding more than 40 million people to its population coupled with the migration from Central America and the Caribbean. Mexico will have the power to decide on matters of global importance and its voice will be heard worldwide. By 2050 Mexico will be rivaling its northern neighbor the USA in terms of size and economy while the United States will have a larger economy Mexico will no longer be in an unfavorable position. At that time both countries will be at similar levels of development and there could be more favorable and reciprocal trade conditions between the two countries.

No 4 - Indonesia

Indonesia is the most unexpected out of this list. a country that many took for granted, it is already within the 15 most powerful countries in the world currently and it will dethrone many countries on this list and take fourth place by 2050. This transformation is due to several reasons but its main reason is demographics. Indonesia currently has 250 million inhabitants making it a very populated country and is currently the fourth most populated nation on earth. It will fall to fifth place by 2050 but Indonesia is still expected to grow by 60 million by then it will only be surpassed by Nigeria by 2050. Indonesia will be the main power of Oceania and will maintain its position as a country with the largest amount of Muslims in the world. In addition by 2050 Islam will be the world's largest religion making Indonesia not only a major country economically, but religiously as well. However the population isn't everything, for example, Nigeria will have doubled its current population but they will still be in 9th place, and on the other hand, Indonesia has set in place many key reforms to modernize the country in terms of infrastructure industrialization, education, and even their Armed Forces. This will help the country to be among the 5 most powerful nations in the world.

No 3 - United States

The United States is the current and only superpower in the world and it will no longer be alone in the next half-century. The US will surely continue to be a country that is undoubtedly powerful in all aspects, economically, militarily and politically, but it will no longer be the sole superpower by 2050. The US will have a population of 400 million inhabitants adding 80 million to their current population but not by a birth rate but by immigration. In 2050 there will be more than 110 million Hispanics in the United States which will represent more than 25% of the US population. There will also be migration from Asia especially from China. Given the importance of Hispanics in the country and Mexico being of the same socioeconomic status by that time, there will be free movement of goods and services. The influence and power of the US will be challenged by China which will surely surpass the US in economic size and military power.

No 2 - India

India will be the most populated country in the world surpassing China with a ridiculous population of 1.7 billion people. Accumulating almost 18% of the world's entire population one in five humans on earth will live in India by 2050. Currently India is already one of the fastest growing countries in the world. In fact in 2014 India surpassed China as the fastest-growing economy. India just like China will have an explosive and continuous growth due to its large workforce. The country will be so diverse that will become a melting pot of cultures, religions and ethnicities and thus becoming the most multi-ethnic nation in the world. In 2050 India will be the country with the largest number of English speakers in the world surpassing the US. Currently, it already has one of the most powerful armies in the world, so it is safe to say that by 2050 given the importance of its economic and political weight it will have a military rivaling that of the United States or even China. India managed to become China's continental rival but at the same time these two Asian countries will undoubtedly make Asia the most important and powerful continent in the world by 2050.

No 1 - China

Currently, China is the second world power but only economically. Militarily China is presently in third place, but by 2050, things will be different. China will be the world's leading Economic, Military and political power. They will dominate the world economy and even have the most powerful army in the world, equivalent to that of the United States. China will be the only country on this list that will climb in power despite reducing an estimated 100 million inhabitants from Now. China's single-child policy was in effect until 2050. Recently it was abolished when the Chinese government realized that they had a majority of an aging population, potentially dampening China's Growth. The average age of the Chinese is 37 years old, which neither is considered young nor old. China is also known as the world's factory, which is why they have deplorable environmental Conditions. Breathing the Beijing air for one day is equivalent to smoking 25 cigarettes. Currently, China is growing at a rate of 6%, but this is a reduction from the previous 10%. So we can see that its growth rate is slowing, but currently, China is transforming from a manufacturing economy into a service-based economy based on domestic demand. So with all these significant changes by 2050, it's hard to imagine how the world will be. By 2100, it will indeed be amazing to see a current emerging country such as Mexico, Brazil, Nigeria, India, and Indonesia developed and imposing themselves as the most powerful nations in the next 50 years.
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