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May 24, 2021
Lidhya Shilu

Top Thriller Series

Top 10 phenomenal thriller-mystery series worth watching on Netflix

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This collection of mind-bending mystery series will leave you gripped

If there's one thing that all Netflix fanatics around the globe agree to, it's that series belonging to the thriller-mystery genre are among the best shows out there that leaves you enthralled after each episode. The right mix of different elements like a criminal investigation, a tint of humour and a blooming romance plot, decoding the central mystery, can make it the perfect thriller series that makes you want to binge-watch all day.
But not sure where to start? Here are some of the best thrillers to watch on Netflix right now that will leave you on the edge of your seat.
1. Kingdom (2019)
In the mood for a monstrous thriller filled with attacking zombies in a city? Then this the right one for you. The horror-thriller Kingdom originally premiered in January 2020, making it the first Korean Netflix original released. The series is set in the historical Joseon period in Korea and revolves around a mysterious plague that breaks out in their land, right after the citizens speculate the king has died following an illness. It's not long before the crown prince of the province learns the true nature of the spreading plague that turns the people in the land into monstrous zombies. The show, consisting of 3 seasons, is pretty intense and chaotic but exciting and thrilling at the same time.
2. Dark (2017)
This Netflix German show is hands down one of the best mystery sci-fi series there has ever been. Set in a small German town named Winden, the show opens with the mysterious disappearance of two children when a group of teens set out to unfold the supernatural occurrences in Winden. The plot deepens to another level when the unexpected connection between four families in the town is exposed. Over the three seasons, the show deals with concepts of time travel, parallel universes, a deranged power plant, and a whole lot more. This show is a must-watch, and the ending will leave you mind-blown.
3. Breaking Bad (2008)
Talking about evergreen thrillers, Breaking Bad is all anyone could talk about even after its first release nearly 13 years ago. This brilliant American crime thriller show centres on a struggling high school chemistry teacher and his transition into a meth-making drug lord, Heisenberg. Throughout five seasons, the character development of Walter White into a greedy, power-ridden version of himself gives the viewers a glimpse of the bitter reality of today's corrupt world. This show is an all-time exceptional thriller that is worth watching.
4. Stranger Things (2016)
Stranger Things is easily one of the most popular mystery-horror shows with a blend of science fiction, fantasy and investigation. The show, consisting of 3 seasons, is set in the backdrop of the early 1980s at a small town in Indiana. It opens with the mysterious disappearance of a young boy, whom his group of friends and the chief police investigate the case, only to discover that the entire town is under attack by a monstrous supernatural entity.
The show is the right amount of all factors, combining all fragments of comedy, romance, a top-secret government ploy, and a young girl with telepathic abilities. If you haven't watched it yet, this is the perfect time to get your share of this masterpiece.
5. Signal (2016)
If you are into crime-thrillers with a touch of fantasy, this Korean series would be a perfect choice. This 16 episode show revolves around a criminal profiler who plans on investigating a kidnapping case that shut down about fifteen years ago. Things turn around when he finds a strange walkie-talkie that gets him in contact with a detective in the past, and the duo tries to solve the cold cases by investigating them over again. The minute little details in each investigation bring out the best in this show and leave you wonderstruck.
6. Peaky Blinders (2013)
This show is by far one of the most remarkable British thrillers ever made. Peaky Blinders gives us the perfect and classic gangster drama that follows the notorious Shelby family and their ferocious leader, Thomas Shelby. Set in a post-First World War period in Birmingham, England, the crime thriller correctly depicts a gang foraging power and money through an excellent script and an impeccable cast. The show extends to 5 seasons, with the sixth season announced to release this year soon.
7. Money Heist (2017)
As its name suggests, this Spanish thriller is another phenomenal television show that centres around a criminal heist perfectly planned by a professor and his gang of robbers. The narration throughout the show is exceptional as it plays with the viewers' perspectives on the protagonists. It comes with a few unexpected plot twists, action, and romance, proving that it's a terrific crime thriller.
8. Suspicious Partner (2017)
Suspicious Partner is an outstanding Korean thriller with the right mix of thriller, comedy and romance, all embedded in an entangled criminal ambience. The series premise starts with a prosecutor who unknowingly becomes a prime suspect of a murder case. The story develops further when the prosecutor and her witty colleague team up to unravel the mystery behind the actual murder, who's a deranged psychopath with a personal motive behind his atrocious deeds.
9. Mindhunter (2017)
This one-of-a-kind psychological thriller set in the late 1970s revolves around two FBI agents that explore criminal psychology by studying the distorted characters of serial killers. Across two seasons, the duo keenly tries to decode a murderer's impulsive mind to solve similar open cases and dig deeper into criminal profiling. Originally based on a true-crime book, Mindhunter: Inside the FBI's Elite Serial Crime Unit, the show hosts an incredible performance by the cast and an exceptionally brilliant direction.
10. The Sinner (2017)
This American crime drama is another solid detective show, with its every season dealing with a new storyline and cast. The Sinner traces a police detective who investigates homicides and digs deep into the motives behind the murders. This show is an absolute jaw-dropper with deep plots associated with every crime, making it a visual brain twister.