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April 27, 2021

PlayStation Plus

Predictions, Rumours, and Leaks for PlayStation Plus Free Games in May 2021

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The free PlayStation Plus games for May 2021 are said to have leaked ahead of their official announcement.

With just a few days left in April, Sony runs out of time to announce the free PlayStation Plus games that will be available to PS4 and PS5 users next month. The announcement is expected tomorrow or Thursday, but the information has already been leaked.
If the rumour is true, PlayStation Plus subscribers are in for another exciting month. Industry expert Nick "Shpeshal Ed" Baker took to Twitter to announce the free PlayStation Plus games available next month. Baker went on to say that they've heard that both Disco Elysium and Godfall will be available during May.

The list doesn't end there; According to Forbes, the other possibilities are:

✦ Battlefield V
Since the next major Battlefield game is expected to be released shortly, it will make sense for EA to make the last mainline game available for free on PS Plus at this time. This has also been the subject of a few rumours that it is, in reality, one of the May games.
✦ Nier: Automata
This has been a common fan request for a while, and now that Nier Replicant is out, it would be a good time for it to appear on PS Plus.
✦ Star Wars Squadrons
If EA is not doing a Battlefield release, they may decide to put the somewhat overlooked Star Wars Squadrons on PS Plus instead of giving it some more attention.
✦ Stranded Deep
This is a speculated option for one of the more miniature games that could be included, but it's a game with many issues; making it its own PS Plus feature if those issues aren't resolved will be strange.
✦ GTA 5
GTA 5 has already appeared on Game Pass a few times, so is it time for it to appear on PS Plus for free? Every month, I hear something similar, but the game sells so well on PlayStation that I'd be shocked if it ever does.
✦ Uncharted: Lost Legacy
Another common request and a deserving game to be on PS Plus has yet to come. This game's director has just returned to Naughty Dog from Crystal Dynamics, so now is a good time to toast his return.
For the time being, these are just rumours; we should find out the true answer soon enough:)