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April 20, 2021

George Floyd Verdict

"Let’s all remain encouraged as we go on this journey TOGETHER. Never Forgetting This Day."

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The guilty verdict in the Derek Chauvin case has gone viral on Twitter

The Derek Chauvin murder trial occupied social media for most of Tuesday, even before the verdict was announced. Chauvin is a former Minneapolis cop who was charged with and then arrested for the death of George Floyd last May.
Within minutes after the verdict, many hashtags had tens of thousands of tweets, with people expressing their joy that justice was served. Many press members go beyond and above the call of duty to report on the story.
Here are some of the tweets.

This is a historical moment

Say their names

Daddy changed the world

This wasn't policing. This was a murder.

Shoutout to this Black King; Jerry Blackwell

It doesn't end here

We're just getting started

This is the first time in history in MN that a white police officer has been convicted of killing a black man.This is the beginning of the end of legal lynching.

Thank you, members of the jury for delivering justice — I hope this brings George Floyd's family some solace.

For a moment, our nation can breathe

Never Forgetting This Day

Let's not forget Darnella Frazier, the brave 17 year old who filmed George Floyd's murder

An emotional and historical moment

Thank you, Steve Schleicher and Jerry Blackwell

Guilty on all 3 counts