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May 07, 2021

Falling Rocket

Chinese rocket falling towards earth;

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The Long March 5B rocket, which was carrying a Chinese space station module, has entered low Earth orbit and is now in danger of falling to Earth

Tianhe module, which will serve as the living quarters for the future Chinese Space Station, was successfully launched by the rocket (CSS). Unfortunately, the 30-meter-long rocket also entered space, making it one of the biggest uncontrolled re-entries ever.
As the White House weighed in on the tense international situation, a skywatcher in Italy observed this massive Chinese rocket core crashing uncontrollably from orbit.
The rocket's core stage is scheduled to ram into Earth's atmosphere Saturday (May 8) or thereabouts, but no exact date, time, or place has been determined. Since atmospheric drag varies dramatically as solar activity moves, experts can only make such forecasts a few hours before impact.
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